Albuquerque Alcoholics Anonymous

From a Member

Good Morning:

My name is Catherine N.; I am an alcoholic.  By the Grace of a Higher Power and a commitment to the three Legacies, I have not found it necessary to drink alcohol or take any mind-altering substance since 2-5-2001.  I travel a lot and have a home group in Albuquerque, Denver, Colorado Springs and Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.  When I returned to Albuquerque in February, I was wondering how I could exercise Step 12 to protect this precious gift of sobriety I have been given.  Central Office was my answer.  I strolled in and requested to take shifts answering the phones, the ‘hand’ of AA 24/7.  What a find! 

A woman called in one evening before 9 pm and was at that point of; I got to do something!  Next morning, I picked her up at 6:30 and brought her to my home group for the 7:00 am.  Remembering Don P. and his practice of…” come with me” … this frightened, scared, nervous young woman experience her first AA meeting.  It is not about the results and the process is priceless.  I pray everyday that I stay connected to this Higher Power asking where I may be of service to the still suffering alcoholic, inside and outside our fellowship; no matter where I am; listening for that opportunity to practice Grace and for today; so far so good.

In Gratitude,

Catherine N.

April 15, 2019