Albuquerque Alcoholics Anonymous

Desert Club Reopening, with Restrictions

As you know, this COVID-19 has turned our lives upside down. Because of the highly contagious nature of COVID-19 the Desert Club was forced to close its doors for several weeks. If we do not have any spikes in the virus and the Governor continues to open up her current restraints of people congregating, we hope to have the Desert Club open on Monday, June 8th with certain restrictions and conditions. While we know that recovery is our number one goal, the Board feels it is incumbent on all of us to keep the membership safe and healthy. In that vein we will have restrictions and conditions that must be adhered too.

*** There are 20 seats available. These chairs are marked and should remain where they are. One chair for the meeting leader and 19 others for members to attend the meeting. When all the chairs are filled, the room has reached its capacity and no one else may stay in the building.

*** Masks are mandatory and must be worn throughout the meeting. We will attempt to have masks available for those without.

*** There will be no food or liquid items allowed in the hall. This includes your personal go-cups, Starbucks, or any container carrying liquid.

***We recommend that the chairperson designate one person to handle the 7th Tradition donations. Rubber gloves will be made available for this individual to use during the collection of the donations and shall remain gloved until the funds are accounted for and placed in the safe. The gloves should then be properly disposed of and hands are to be washed.

*** If your meeting is associated with a Zoom meeting, we recommend that the Zoom meeting continue until everyone is comfortable with attending regular in-house meetings.

The Board hopes these restrictions will be short lived. We will look and hopefully will be able to lighten our restrictions and conditions at the beginning of July. We hope that everyone will embrace these temporary changes and we can keep our membership safe and healthy. We will continually monitor these conditions and will make changes as necessary. Thank you in advance. The Board of the Desert Club