Albuquerque Alcoholics Anonymous


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The following churches and other institutions hosting AA meetings have asked meetings be cancelled until further notice.

Mesa Club, Rio Rancho;

Isleta Club, Albuquerque

Desert Club, 4305 Mesa Grande Place SE, Albuquerque;

All meetings at the Heights Club are limited to 5 people;

Church of the Nativity, 9502 4th St NW, Albuquerque;

Church of the Risen Savior, 7701 Wyoming Blvd NE, Albuquerque;

Rio Vista Church of the Nazarene, Los Ranchos de Albuquerque (affects Singleness of Purpose meeting);

Brown Baggers Group, 5914 Woodford Dr NE, Albuquerque

VA Hospital, Albuquerque;

Corrales Community Center, 4324 Corrales Road;

Faith Lutheran Church, 10000 Spain Road NE, Albuquerque;

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church (431 Richmond Place NE, Albuquerque) IS NOT CLOSED FOR MEETINGS, but has placed cleaning requirements on meetings held there. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to see the requirements.

Presbyterian Kaseman Hospital (8300 Constitutiion Ae., NE, Albuquerque) is closed to outside meetings;

Asbury United Methodist Church, 10000 Candelaria Road NE, Albuquerque;

Mountainside Methodist Church, 4 Penny Lane, Cedar Crest (they ask that all meetings be held outside the church);

St. Francis Episcopal Church, 2903 Cabezon Rd, Rio Rancho;

Belen Community Center, 305 Eagle Ln, Belen, NM 87002;

Metropolitan Assessment and Treatment Services (MATS), 5901 Zuni Rd. SE (outside meetings only);

Four Winds Behavioral Health, 4100 Barbara Loop SE, Rio Rancho, NM (outside meetings only)

Sangre de Cristo House, Pena Blanca

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Meeting Requirements: We recognize the value outside support groups provide to the community and want to continue to make St. Mark’s available to you during this time of social distancing.  To that end, we have adopted revised guidelines that we ask you to implement with your group as soon as possible. The guidelines will keep you and your group safer and the group following you safer — so please make sure to take a little time to follow these common-sense steps:

1) Please wipe down all chairs, tables and door handles you use when you arrive and when you leave with a disinfectant.Wipe downchair arms and seats, and all table surfaces. Wipe down bathroom and meeting room door knobs as well as main entrances door knobs/bars (both sides of the door).  The CDCadvises to wait to use for at least twominutesfollowing disinfectant to allow it to dry completely. 

2) Kitchen use is not allowed, nor is any communal food or drink. This includes coffee and water.

3) Limit your meeting size to 20 people. For larger groups, we encourage the use of alternative meeting platforms such as Zoom ( or Gotomeeting ( which enable your members to check in and participate in your meeting remotely. We and at least one of the support groups have already started utilizing Zoom with good success.

4) Follow the social distancing guidelines from the CDC such as spread out so you are not close together, do not shake hands, wash hands frequently, etc. Provide hand sanitizer for anyone who is on site.  If you currently meet in one of our smaller rooms and would like to see if a larger room such as Parish Hall is available, simply reply to this email and I will try to find you a new location.  We have had many events and meetings come off the schedule with the suspension of St. Mark’s activities so it may be easy to accommodate you.

We have ordered disinfectants, hand wipes and hand sanitizer but, as we all know, supplies are sold out and on back order, so please plan on bringing supplies if you have them.  As we receive our orders, we will supply each of our meetings rooms and you will be welcome to use them as they become available.

Please help us to continue to make St. Mark’s a safe place to meet in this challenging environment.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know. 

We at St. Mark’s are praying for you and your members, that you will all be safe and healthy.