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Monday 7:30 PM AA Study GroupOpen-Anyone May Attend, Smoking Allowed, Step Study Desert Club Albuquerque
Monday 7:30 PM Rio Amigos GroupClosed-Alcoholics Only, Discussion Meeting, Non-Smoking Belen Community Center Belen
Monday 8:00 PM Gp Tercera TradicionDiscussion Meeting, Open-Anyone May Attend, Spanish 2411 4th St NW - Suite B Albuquerque
Monday 8:00 PM Gp RecuperacionDiscussion Meeting, Open-Anyone May Attend, Spanish Plaza West, Suite F Albuquerque
Monday 8:00 PM Foothills GroupBeginners, Discussion Meeting, Non-Smoking, Open-Anyone May Attend, Wheelchair Access Foothills Group Albuquerque
Monday 8:00 PM Grupo HispanoClosed-Alcoholics Only, Discussion Meeting, Non-Smoking, Spanish 2300 Candelaria NE, Suite 102 Albuquerque
Monday 9:00 PM Spark of LightDiscussion Meeting, Non-Smoking, Open-Anyone May Attend Heights Club Albuquerque
Monday 9:00 PM Candlelight GroupDiscussion Meeting, Non-Smoking, Open-Anyone May Attend Mesa Club Rio Rancho
Monday 10:00 PM Last CallDiscussion Meeting, Open-Anyone May Attend, Smoking Allowed Desert Club Albuquerque
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